Arqua' Petrarca - The village

The village

Time seems to have stood still in the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca.
This charming, nestled in the heart of the Euganean Hills Natural Park, is a proud member of “The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy” an organization dedicated to promoting "the great heritage of History, Art, Culture, Environment and Traditions found in small Italian villages" that are unique and offer a special experience.

Arquà Petraca owes its renown to the eternal fame of the poet Francesco Petrarca, who spent the last years of his life there and who is buried in a marble tomb in the main village square.

The S.S. Trinità Oratory; the Loggia dei Vicari; the Poet's museum/house; the Fountain with the old washing trough and the charming palaces that face the narrow streets bear fascinating witness to the past fortunes of Arquà Petrarca.

Surrounding Arquà Petrarca visitors will find the world renown Terme Euganee Spas; the impressive historical garden of Valsanzibio; 4 golf courses; the small medieval towns of Monselice, Este e Montagnana; Praglia e Carceri Abbeys; and several wonderful Venetian Villas.

Monselice train station (2,8 miles) and Monselice A15 highway entrance (3,5 miles), make the town of Arquà Petrarca an ideal point of departure for sightseeing tours of Venice and the Venetian cultural towns of Padova, Vicenza, Verona and Treviso.